ER & Cha


I had the oppurtunity to shoot in Ilocos the prenup for Cha and E.R. The location for the engagement shoot is in “Kapurpurawan” rock formation on the rocky coast of Burgos, Ilocos Norte. It is known for its creamy white and streamlined limestone formations, which have been sculpted by different oceanic and weather forces. The Kapurpurawan Rock Formation in Burgos, is a must see destination whenever you are in Pagudpud or the Ilocos Norte province. The rock formation is a magnificent backdrop for a laid back and clean prenup.

A stunning white rock and  magnificent seaside come together for a dreamy engagement shoot that took everyone’s breath away.There’s just something so fitting to see a couple in love surrounded by the beauty of nature….simple, pure and beautiful.

beach prenup

Ilocos Prenup

ilocos wedding

Ilocos Prenup

Ilocos Prenup


ilocos weddingimagine nation photo

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