Sai & Donna

Shooting the pre-nup of Sai & Donna, I thought we were doing a high school project not a pre-nup shoot.  The couple are easy-going, loud, and up for anything. We got chatting and laughing because of Rae and Noel(….grrrrrhhhh bully!). A very rare couple who were able to level-up to our crazy-funny attitude. The shoot location is in Ronac Center.  As an architect, I really admired this building and I used to pass by along greenhills when Ronac Center was still under construction and I was already amazed with the boldness of  façade –  it’s clean, modern black and white building.  Thank you Sai & Donna for the opportunity to observe your love, thank you for opening up and playing and letting us be there to capture a little slice of your crazy life & love story. Too bad I will not shoot your wedding, I’m sure  both of you are crazy, madly, funny in love couple to shoot! Lucky Photog…Poor me!

Shot with Cherry and Kim for

Make Up: Rae Venturanza

Venue: Ronac Center



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